A short reflection on Australia 2009

Yes I know I’m very, very late in writing my reflections on the opening race, I’ve been quite busy unfortunately. But as the first free practice for Malaysia starts in less than 6 hours (another early morning then!) I feel I’ve just about got time to write this before it’s officially silly to do a review. At least leaving it this late means I have a pretty good idea who finished where - but it seems in F1 these days you can never be 100% certain of the race results (more on that at a later date).

So as it’s quite a late reflection I won’t go into too much detail as you’ve all probably read more than enough reviews of Australia already.
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Updated: Who’s running KERS in 2009

Just a little FYI, I’ve updated my post on who’s running KERS in 2009 with up to date info on the teams and I’ve also added a table with the race results for each driver, along with their starting grid position and whether they were using KERS or not.

From watching the way Lewis used KERS in Australia (shame the KERS graphics weren’t as prevalent as we hoped, more on that in another post though) it did seem to have a good effect on overtaking but less impact on overall lap time. So maybe that is a trend we will see as the season goes on, hopefully this new race results table will help show that.
Who’s running KERS in 2009

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Quick link: Open to interpretation - Diffusers

Pitlane Fanatic have a great little article on the diffusers that have been causing the consternation and (for the moment at least) have been deemed legal for Australia.

Who else thinks that the McLaren diffuser in that last picture is a sneaky "we’ll see if the others get through and if so take this cover off" version? Joe Saward certainly seems to think they have one ready at least. The mid-section looks a lot like the Brawn diffuser to me and surely you’d want maximum height there. So maybe Lewis won’t be scrapping for 15th like he expected.

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A return to America and FOM denied trademark on ‘F1′

I’ve just seen this item on Reuters come up on twitter regarding an attempt by FOM to get a trademark on the term ‘F1′. Now I realise it is nearly 2 years old, but the last couple of paragraphs did pique my interest:

Landau said the fact that the Formula One Group was the only organisation organising F1 races "does not mean that the public will perceive F1 as a trademark.

"It just means that currently it enjoys a monopoly on the races. However, if private owners of F1 cars race them on a friendly basis is that not an F1 race, if not on a commercial basis?"

I realised that this kind of tie-ins quite nicely with the recent quotes by Martin Whitmarsh on trying to return F1 to North America:

"Rather than leave it in the hands of a promoter, how do we develop the interest? How do we develop the excitement and take up of F1 in North America? Be it Ferrari, be it Daimler, or be it BMW. You look at all of the principle investors in F1; the vast majority of them would consider the US to be a significant market."

If that ruling still stands then could they quite conceivably have a non-championship F1 race in North America if Bernie doesn’t want to help organise it and still call it an ‘F1′ race? They could even maybe take in a couple of races in America and Canada and call it a ‘US F1 Championship Cup’ or something.

However I’m pretty sure that if FOTA really want to help organise races in North America again, and even stump up some cash themselves, then as long as there is any chance of FOM taking a profit from it then Bernie would welcome it with open arms.

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Who’s running KERS in 2009?

So I thought that today I would try and put together a list of who’s planning on running KERS for the start of the 2009 season, and who’s not. I’ll also try to keep this up to date as the season goes forward until the point where everyone is using KERS.

KERS is a new system introduced for the 2009 season, and if you haven’t heard of it yet (you will do aplenty as soon as the season starts) is a Kinetic Energy Recovery System that takes energy that would be wasted during braking. The driver can then use this stored energy as a boost for up to around 6.5 seconds per lap (for example when trying to overtake another car) and is expected to give enough of a boost to gain a car 0.2s over that lap. I could explain it in more detail, but Grand Prix TV have got a great video and short text explaining it.
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A tight Australia predicted

This post was going to be about my finishing order prediction for the opening race in Australia in a couple of days, however when I sat down to do this I found it incredibly hard to do so, having placed at least half of the grid as possible podium botherers in my head I decided I couldn’t separate them as clearly as I would like, so you have this post instead.
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Looking forward to 2009

Okay, so I have a shiny new site with which to write my thoughts on F1 and I’m not sure where to start, so I guess I’ll start with some thoughts on the upcoming season (just over 4 days to go before the first wheel rolls in Albert Park).

Like everyone else I haven’t been this excited about a new season of F1 for as long as I can remember. I think that previous to this year I had been most excited was for the 2006 season, that was also the first season where I really started to pay attention to things during the off-season. That’s when I started read as much as I could — my first introduction to Autosport too, as my copy of F1 Racing would usually be read within days of it arriving.
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Hello site!

I have been thinking about writing articles on F1 on my personal site for quite a while, as I have found myself getting more and more interested by the sport (as of writing it is currently less 4 days, 1 hour and around 10 minutes before the start of the 2009 season and I can’t wait!) and getting more involved on F1 sites, with comments etc. I have also started to notice that in quite a lot of places that I would like to write more than short comments (I don’t like to read essays in comments, so I try not to leave them too) but also I feel that I have more to add with original articles of my own.

So I’m going to give it a whirl, it might be rubbish - but lets hope not.

So why aren’t these just posts under an F1 category on my personal site? Well that site is quite technically-orientated (I’m a computer programmer/web developer/design by trade) and I wanted to keep any posts on F1 separate - so people who didn’t care about F1 (or programming) didn’t have to filter posts on a subject they didn’t care about. So I decided to create a separate site for these posts, and here it is, I set it up quite quickly and haven’t added some of the things I want to yet - and only tweaked a theme slightly, so excuse the dust for now.

If you want to know more about me and the other things I do, then please drop by my personal site.

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